Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Just for Bald Guys

A.J. Liebling
Welcome one and all to Liebling Realized, my new blog founded in support of my studies of integrated marketing communications as a graduate student of Marist College.

Lest you think its some unconscious impulse forcing me to do this, I promise that not every post published here will include the photo of a bald man (although my About Me page does as well).  

Pictured here is A.J. Liebling, an early 20th century journalist most closely associated with The New Yorker.  Liebling is credited with one of my favorite quotes about power and journalism, which you can read in the blog header above.

As the social media movement has continued to evolve, I've frequently thought about A.J. and how we each can now "own our own press" if we so choose.  Back 60 to 70 years ago, Liebling was proficient as a war correspondent, sports writer, and, ultimately, media critic.  Would he follow the same path today?

Probably not.  Whether we work in PR, marketing or journalism no longer really applies.  People from all walks of life and every background are publishing their beliefs, ideas, and referrals.  They blog about them, tweet them, and share them.  They do it from smart phones, tablets and PC's.  Users of all kinds have the potential to shape the conversations going on around us in ways we never have experienced.

It's "freedom of the press" as we've never known before.  I think A.J. would be proud.